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Earn To Die 3

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earntodie3Earn To Die 3 is an action-racing game that offers awesome blast to the players. And as the name suggests, the game belongs to the popular Earn to Die series. This version comes with more features such as extra vehicles, large numbers of zombies and amazing upgrades. With the additional features, you can expect more excitement and a lot of fun from the game. Different from the previous game, Earn To Die 3 takes you through a major city located between a desert and a military base. You have managed to escape the desert and now you are in the city. You encounter undead zombies in the city, something which forces you to find a way out of this threatening zone. The military base is the only safe zone in this region, so you should plan to make your way to the camp which also hosts other survivors. You need to travel to the base by a powerful car as you eliminate zombies and other obstacles from the way. Earn To Die 3 presents you with three types of vehicles. There is a fire truck, a pickup truck and a military vehicle. One vehicle can’t take you to the military camp, so you need to buy a new one to help you access the destination. There is also an option of upgrading the vehicles. You need to earn cash to carry out the upgrade work. You can earn cash through killing zombies, completing levels and achieving other milestones. Some upgradable parts of the vehicles include: speed booster, transmission, engine, fuel tank and tires. Other upgradable things include mounting guns and zombie protection kits. The main goal of Earn to Die 3 is to get to a safe zone, which in this case is the military base. As described above, the paths to the camp is filled with zombies and other obstacles. You need to overcome all these obstacles in three levels in order to arrive at the destination. As for the controls, you can use directional keys to drive the vehicles. The up key and down key take care of acceleration and braking respectively. Changing directions is facilitated by the left and right keys. You can also use the X key and H key to activate speed booster and apply horn respectively. In addition, you can use P and R for pause and reset purposes.

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